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  • I’m working on a left columned sidebar theme. I’ve read arguments that the sidebar should come AFTER content in the code. I can get it to work, however, if My sidebar has more content than my “content” div, then I run into problems. I’m using an position: absolute to get the sidebar to be left of the content, but second in the code.

    So I’d like some opinions on the merits of content coming before the sidebar in the code.

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  • #1 reason: Searchability… when it comes to searching, it’s better to have the “good” stuff up front, as the bots are more likely to pick it up there if they don’t first have to wade through a bunch of crap in the sidebar.


    That’s the way I understood it. Lucky for me someone at the css-discuss maillist was able to point me to an example in which if I float the sidebar left, the content right, and give the sidebar a postion: relative, all is good in the hood.

    Still needs more work, but if curious:
    a new WP themeI’m working on. It’s simply a port of a design I found at Open Source Web Design. There was a brushed metal WP theme when I first came along in Feb, but can’t find it. Not sure if I should take that as a hint or not… looks over shoulder for Steve Jobs

    EDIT Fixed URL for OSWD.

    fyi: for any one looking for the oswd site, it’s .org, not .com


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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