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  • I’m looking for a new hosting company and took a look at the list of those recommended here. PowWeb looks really good in terms of features and price, but when I did a google search for reviews I found quite a few really really negative reviews, yet I know unhappy customers are probably more likely to make their opinions known. Does anyone here have any firsthand experience with them?

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  • I use Dreamhost, and have been for years, so they get my recommendation. But YMMV

    I have 1&1, which is wonderful. (but a little pricey) and just recently switched to PowWeb. If you are going to install WP manually, PowWeb is wonderful. I’ve no problems at all, with site, database, or email. The features are easy to use and offer a lot of options some other companies don’t see to offer. I had Dreamhost and had bad results, but as was said, we may all have different results are quality, i use their reseller service been with them since Jan/Feb since dumping the rubbish Fuitadnet (crap support, crap service, and one moderator who probably took lessons from hitler on how to mod).

    Reseller are the cheaper of the two, you don’t get a lesser service, just not as good hardware

    My host is not listed but I am with them for 3 years, no complains, I am on the Standard package, everything works fine.

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    One thing you have to remember is that most hosting companies used to pay individuals to post glaringly negative reviews (I’m not sure if they still do). If you do a search for all of the WP recommended hosts, you should find that each have more negative reviews than positive reviews, and that most of the negative reviews have similar sentence structure and spelling errors. Also, I’m sure that Matt wouldn’t enter into a relationship like this with those hosting providers if they weren’t good in the long run.

    (BTW, I’m a happy DreamHost customer.)

    One thing you have to remember is that most hosting companies pay individuals to post glaringly negative reviews.

    If that’s the case, tell me where they are, I could do with some cash 🙂

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    “One thing you have to remember is that most hosting companies pay individuals to post glaringly negative reviews.”

    What ?????

    Name 3.

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    Sorry for not being clear. That was a widely known practice a few years ago when the hosting review sites started to spring up. I’m not sure if they still do, but I am sure that most of the negative reviews have similar sentence structure and spelling errors. I’ve edited my above post.

    As for naming 3, 1&1 was one of the first. Or, at the very least, someone with an email address was literally copy/pasting negative reviews to every host other than 1&1 on almost every review site. But, they caught quite a bit of flack for it. I’m sure that they no longer do it.

    it was the practice, but with law suits and the like, it’s not likely anymore. I agree that this can happen, but this is no longer, or a very, very rare practice.

    Here’s the interesting thing though, one popular site rates other hosts including the host they are hosted by, and the outright winner is the host they use, there’s even a promotional link. These sites are, however, few and far between and best avoided. Affiliation with a host on a site meant to be objective is unlikely, but nothing to stop a user from stating their positive experience with one host over another. is generally a good site where genuine users rate and review their hosts and other host experiences. Some are artifical posts, but you spot those a mile away when the host intervenes and asks for evidence of the suggestion that service was atrocious.

    I don’t think the replies are out of context, I think rephrasing the post as you did makes it seem clearer, but still suggests a degree of hysteria from past practices which really do not exist anymore, except for low brow hosts run by jonny-no-body in his bedroom while he munches on a pack of doritos waiting for muppet a to enter his contract

    I use my brother’s web hosting and I am a happy customer. If you’re interested, you can contact him at for information.

    Thanks guys, does anyone have any experience with BlueHost?

    I use ICD Soft ( ). 500Mb of space, 2 databases, email limited only by the space, cpanel, 7 subdomains, much more. The only thing that would be nice for WP is that I can’t do is run a cron job, but for $5 per month I can live with that. Actually the first year was $65 ($5 per month and $5 for my domain name); after that it’s $43 per year.

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    Personally, I don’t have any experience with BlueHost, but I have heard a lot of good things about them.

    I just setup a domain on godaddy and had zero problems. I think the key is knowing that you have to change to hostname in your wp-config.php file from localhost to the name they give you on your godaddy database setup page.

    The least expensive option is less than $4 a month. This is my first hosted account with godaddy, but I’ve been buying my domain names there for a couple years.

    i use, and theyre only 10.00 a month, so far, i like them.

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