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  • Here’s the deal. A plugin I use, as do a lot of other people hasn’t been updated in months by the original developer. It sort of works for WP 2.1 and it sort of doesn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any energy around fixing it on the developers part and a couple of emails both inquiring about intentions and asking to take over it’s development & support have gone unanswered.

    The delima is I’ve fixed a number of the issue for my own use and would like to make the plugin available to the masses. Since it started from yet another plugin anyway, and there hasn’t been any activity in months regarding it, is there any reason I can’t/shouldn’t do this?

    There isn’t a whole lot of reason to rewrite the plugin as most of it works so it’s more updating it for 2.1 and releasing a fresh version so most of the original code would stay intact. What’s the proper way to maintain the credit history of what is done? I come from a nuke world and there we’d branch a module and just expand the existing credit history inside the module. Is it reasonable to assume the same in this case?

    Anyway, any opinions would be appreciated.


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  • Not to sure of the etiquette but trying to contact the ‘last’ author sure seems like you’ve tried.

    Recently other widely-used plugins have been taken over by new authors. Example:

    This might be an interesting question to post to the wp-hackers email list.

    My opinion is: Great to have a new plugin author — Welcome!!!!

    There are quite a few plugins with the word “reloaded” in their names: meaning somebody took over the development or updated it for a newer WP version etc. Credits can be in the header of the plugin (if only one file) or in the readme file (if exists) – yours definitely wouldn’t be the first one.

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s pretty much what I figured but thought I’d ask anyway.

    I do have a question maybe someone has an answer too. Is there a tutorial I can find with the easiest way to add a button to the 2.1 raw editor. I don’t care about the wysiwyg editor at the moment. Thanks

    You mean a “button” in the Quicktags? Just modify the quicktags.js (I think it’s in the wp-includes).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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