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  • Hi, I’ve just created a new WordPress theme, designed to be a really simple, clean theme for a blog.

    I’d love to hear what people think of it, especially if they think it’s a little too simple? And if so, suggestions for improvement!

    A million thanks,


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  • Very nice theme, simple and easy. You use only one color of blue tune’s.

    But I want to say your entry head link is very simple. You can add a new background image or color your entry link.

    May be you can put spesific background image on your theme. 🙂

    Yeah I considered using a different colour for headers but I couldn’t find one I liked – I was thinking green perhaps?

    Don’t know what I’d use as a background image – might make it look too busy?

    Thanks for looking 😀


    It’s certainly a question of taste, if people like such a plain and simple design, but there is one thing, which I’d consider “bad style”: The sidebar items (menu etc) should under no circumstances be right-aligned.

    People should be able to overview menu items in a split-second, and they cannot do that if they have to “search” the beginning of a new line. It’s just too stressful. Have you ever tried to read a centered text? It’s much harder than to read it left-aligned or justified. Your sidebar style is pretty much the same. No offence…

    hmm, I see what you mean. I like the symmetry of it but I agree it makes it harder to read. Another thing to give some consideration to 😀 Lol, though removing the right align does destroy the central idea of the theme!


    Sorry ;)…

    But while we’re at it… you really should consider another idea. I don’t know how many posts you’ve set to be displayed on your home page, but no mentally healthy person would ever scroll 5000px or more down just to get an overview of the recent posts :D.

    Instead, you’d rather want to display excerpts and make it more obvious to the visitor, that the headlines of your posts are links to the whole content (with underline, or at least a hover-effect… or both).

    Next, you should add some margin-bottom or border-bottom to to emphasize, where one posts ends and another starts. Despite of the headlines, it’s a little confusing now without any separation.

    Hmm yes, this is something I’ve thought about but haven’t managed to figure out how to do! (That is, showing only excerpts from the post on the home page.)

    I agree with you too about making it more obvious that the headers are links, and possibly about border-bottom, though I think this might be more obvious if I take the advise somebody else gave and use a different colour for these?

    Thanks for taking the time to look at all this! I’m going to have to start putting together a todo list of ideas to be considered/implemented :p



    Colors for the titles wouldn’t hurt, but then again, your theme would lose some of its plain-and-simple-charme, wouldn’t it? Your decision…

    For a solution to get excerpts instead of contents, see Conditional Tag is_home() and the_content() aaand the_excerpt(). You’ll figure it out…

    I llike the minimalist idea, but I for one don’t like the fact that it’s off-center.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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