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    I’m trying to optimize images already in WordPress and keep getting a ‘Operation Interrupted’ error message. When I refresh and choose to ‘Resume previous bulk operation’, it just hangs and gives me the error message again.

    I’ve tried a handful of settings combinations and have landed (so far) at a 5 second bulk delay (have tried everything all the way up to 30s with the same result) and a 50,000byte skip setting. I’ve also chose to remove all metadata and opt levels are at default of Level 2 for optipng and level 2 for pngout. Also chose to delete original image after successful conversion (to free up space on the server).

    Server Setup:
    Dreamhost VPS w/unique IP

    Plugin Status

    • jpegtran: OK version: Independent JPEG Group’s JPEGTRAN, version 9 13-Jan-2013
    • optipng: OK version: OptiPNG version 0.7.4
    • gifsicle: OK version: LCDF Gifsicle 1.78
    • Graphics libraries – only need one, used for conversion, not optimization: GD: OK Imagemagick ‘convert’: OK safe mode: Off  exec(): OK
    • Only need one of these: finfo: MISSING  getimagesize(): OK  mime_content_type(): MISSING

    Optimize Media Library
    1669 images in the Media Library have been selected (1669 unoptimized), with 13793 resizes (13793 unoptimized).

    Hope this is enough info–let me know if you need anything else. Thanks in advance!

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  • To add a little to this:
    For the heck of it I tried the ‘Scan and optimize’ function under the Bulk Optimize menu and got this error message:

    Operation timed out, you may need to increase the max_execution_time for PHP

    Could this be the issue that’s ‘interrupting’ the bulk optimize as well? If so, any suggestions on how to fix this? I’m relatively savvy and can easily access the FTP file structure to get at all the PHP as needed.


    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    The max_execuation_time is the very first place I would check. Try bumping it up to something like 150-200 just to be safe.

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