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  • How do i remove a menu name header in the OpenMenu WordPress plugin?

    I have two types of menus – Special Luncheon Menu and All-Day Menu. I put in the shortcode that directs a user to the Special Luncheon Menu’s “combinations” group name. It displays the menu items perfectly fine. HOWEVER, the menu listing continues to display the “All-Day Menu” header and the footer “(**NO CHECKS, DEBIT CARDS, OR DISCOVER CARDS ACCEPTED.**)” at the bottom of the page.

    Of course, there are NO “All-Day Menu” items to display. So how do I break or stop the listing from bleeding into the next menu?

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    Use the menu filter too to filter out that specific Menu you want to display only. So basically you’ll use a combination of both a group and menu filter.

    Are you talking about the menu_filter shortcode? if so, this is what i already have:

    [openmenu omf_url=”” menu_flter=special luncheon menu group_filter=combinations]

    is the code above correct? does it have to be in a certain order?

    the shortcode above is posted on a page (not a post). also, what’s weird is the code above says “menu_flter” which excludes the letter “i” and it seems to display the Special Luncheon Menu (with it still bleeding into the All-Day Menu header only, which is what i would like removed). HOWEVER, when I add the letter “i” it doesn’t display anything at all. it’s really weird

    OR, are you talking about the “OpenMenu Filter” widget? If so, I noticed that it DOES list just the Special Luncheon Menu’s “Combintations” group, but how do I get it OUT of the sidebar and into a post/page?

    sorry, not too savy with WP, nor OM…thank you!

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    menu_filter and group_filter need quotes around what you are filtering. Also, your omf_url is not valid – nothing should be showing.

    Sorry, but it’s too hard to troubleshoot without you showing exactly what you are using.

    Thank you. I think those “quotes” was what I was missing…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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