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  • Hey guys,
    Hopefully someone can help because I’m bashing my head against a wall here. I’m still fairly new at all this.

    I’m trying to get a Inline or iFrame window to open to a profile when you click on the pictures in this NextGen gallery that I created.
    I’m flexible and would be down with using an iframe or Inline window.

    If I opened an Inline window that i would like to have a picture with bio/description like what I’ve done here ( ). But I realized that the html is RIDICULOUSLY long so I wondered if there was a short way to do this.

    Now, if I opened an iFrame, I’d like to see if there is a way to pull only the content box from a page that I have already created and not have the header and footer show up.

    Honestly, I’m so frustrated I don’t even know if it’s possible. I can only assume it is. Hopefully someone can help. I’m desperate here.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I would prefer the iframe route myself. You could add an url parameter to iframe src values to signal the page to suppress header and footer content. This would mainly involve altering the header and footer templates so any visible content is only output when the url parameter is not present.

    Another possibility would be insert some javascript when this url parameter is present that changes related header and footer CSS to display: none;

    In theory possible, in practice too. But very difficult. You’d have to create a special theme for it, or at least heavily modify your theme so that single posts/pages will display without the usual header, sidebar and all that. It can be made to look good when these single posts are opened in FancyBox in iframe mode, but then you’re not being very search engine friendly… Visitors coming from search engines landing on a single post will not see it inside FancyBox. Instead, they’ll only see that iframe content without header, sidebar and (more importantly) menu. Not what you want happening on any site.

    the alternative, hiding this stuff when displayed inside an iframe could be done through javascript (sort of a reversed breakout script) but you’ll need to have some significant javscript and CSS skills to get that working satisfactory on your site.

    The third approach would be using inline mode. Here you would need to have the full post content render on (for example) a category page but inside a hidden div. Then a link to pull that hidden content into FancyBox. This seems a more elegant approach and could be more search engine friendly. I say COULD because search engines are said to frown upon hidden content because it could mean black hat SEO trickery.

    In any case, even in this last approach you’d need to adapt your theme to accommodate this hiding of post content, have the (title) links trigger FancyBox in inline mode pulling the corresponding div content and then append some extra styling to make it all look good inside that FancyBox frame because most common style rules will not apply there…

    Like I said, not easy to do.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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