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  • I want to open a html page that i have created from a link within my blog but every time i click on the link it opens the source code up and not the page i created
    I have the html page stored on my root folder
    can any one help me i want to open this page that is outside of my blog i want it to pop up because it has a Iframe in it with a media player on it all i am trying to do is create a page that has a custom size page size with no header and no widgets

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  • You would be better off creating a custom page template.

    I want the HTML page to have no header or footer as the link comes from a member that is log in I want it pop up to play streaming media and still allow user to continue browsing and even leave the site with the player continue to stream audio

    So there is a media website you wish to offer on your own website through a popup? If I understand correctly you would need to use an iframe.

    Consider copyright laws. I’m not sure how it works through iframes but iframes allow a sort of window through to another site and it means hiding that sites logo, trademarks, copyright information, policy links etc. All the stuff that may be intended and required to be on show when someone is presented with certain media.

    Another alternative if the media site is your own is loading the html into the window, removing the header is possible. Scraping your own HTML website (specifically getting media attributes) then using them in code within your popup. That might be a bit complex but taking information from a plain HTML website in a dynamic manner often has to be. It is often a quicker task to convert a HTML site to a CMS then you’ll have a database of data to play with.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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