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  1. Few questions about this plugin:

    1. I see from the screenshots that the comment form becomes OpenID enabled. Is it possible to separate these two things? If I'm going to allow OpenID commenting, I don't want it tied to the "website" field on the form. Nothing annoys me more than filling in those blanks and then having some stupid website see that my URL can do OpenID and then instantly assuming that I want to do that. I'd much prefer a javascript approach where I can select an OpenID tab and replace those three fields with one field, or otherwise not automatically assume that just because I put in a web address that can do OpenID that I automatically want to do OpenID.

    2. Login to the blog via OpenID: This is useless to me in its entirety. Can it be easily disabled?

    3. Does the OpenID Provider code support the extra fields being sent back, like name and such?


  2. Will Norris
    Posted 7 years ago #

    1. Uncheck the "Comment Form" option on the OpenID Settings page.

    2. There's not an easy way to disable the wp-login.php stuff in this release. Feel free to add a feature request though.

    3. Yes, the simple registration protocol is supported. With normal wordpress, it supports the fullname, nickname, and email attributes. There is a hook available so that other plugins can provide any of the other attributes. Plugins can also add support for other attribute mechanism such as OpenID Attribute Exchange. These are all documented here.

  3. 1. Does unchecking the comment form like that still allow for OpenID commenting? I do want to allow OpenID commenting, just not automatically via the website entry field. I'd prefer an entirely separate field for OpenID.

    2. Good to know. When you have a way to disable the login capabilities, I'll consider using it. See, one of the previous OpenID plugins I tried insisted on making a new User account for every OpenID user, which is simply unacceptable. My blog has one user account: mine. If this forcibly ties OpenID to WordPress User accounts, then it's totally useless to me.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. Will Norris
    Posted 7 years ago #

    See the public function "openid_input()" on the previously linked documentation page as well as the plugin FAQ.

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