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  • It works just fine, it’s just that the OpenID is freaking confusing to use:

    1. Create wordpress user.
    2. Login with the user.
    3. Go to Users -> Your OpenIDs
    4. Add OpenID: “” just this, no number or other shit.
    5. It allowes user to associate account with OpenID.

    Logout, and in wp-admin login use no numbers or other shit, just that url.

    It works, but question I have is how can we enable this to *all* users without them doing this?

    It doesn’t work for me. I have these options turned on:

    Enable OpenID for comments
    Do not require name and e-mail for comments left with a verified OpenID
    Always approve comments left with a verified OpenID

    I’ve tried different (and the default) themes but OpenID is not enabled for comments on my blog.

    It would be great if OpenID-Selector ( would be integrated

    By the way, I found a fix for a problem with this plugin:
    Is this fix already in the official version?


    Try this plugin

    By the way openid plugin is very outdated. Is it really work in wp 3.3?

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    themoosemind: as Viruthagiri points out, there is a separate plugin that will add the OpenID Selector, which works on top of the base OpenID plugin.

    Regarding the patch you pointed out, that’s actually an issue in the upstream OpenID library, not in the plugin itself. In any event, it looks like one of those was corrected in this change from Aug 2010. I also just did another snapshot of the library yesterday, which pulls in a few more similar PHP5 related fixes.

    Viruthagiri: you’re certainly right that the OpenID plugin hasn’t been updated in a while, but I continue to run it on the latest version of WordPress, so yes it should work fine on 3.3.

    @will Norris

    Ok then. Hope you will release the latest version soon.
    Last time when i use openid, usernames were ugly. I mean like this. random string here

    Hope you fixed it in your new version. I recently installed development version of openid from github. But i keep getting this error.

    So please fix it.

    By the way will you update XRDS simple plugin too?

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    the plugin does it’s best to generate a friendly username, if one is provided by the OpenID provider (I believe it’s the nickname sreg attribute). If one is not provided, then it falls back to using the URL. I suppose it could allow the user to set a username, but that would require some significant work

    @will norris
    Did you check this issue?

    I think its because incorrect path.
    I see this file stored in SReg.php file stored in

    But path i see in the code

    I see you authored common.php file 3 hour ago
    Did you fix that?

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    ahh, good catch. The change I made to common.php earlier was for something different, but I’ll get this fixed as well.

    update: fixed in github

    @will norris

    Thanks for the fix. I opened another two issues 🙂

    Can you take a look?

    @will Norris… Re: OpenID.. as you said, “I continue to run it on the latest version of WordPress, so yes it should work fine on 3.3.”
    I’m using WP 3.3.1 and the openid plugin didn’t work. Is there a new version yet? Or have you revised yours? I really appreciate your help here. Thanks!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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