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  • zaneselvans


    I have wp-openid 3.1.4 activated on two separate installations of WordPress 2.7 and I can’t figure out how to set it up do delegation.

    What I want to do is use the blog URL as my OpenID, and have it delegate responsibility for authentication to I have xrds-simple installed as well.

    The strange thing is, on one of the blogs, in the OpenID settings, under OpenID Provider Options, the option to use the blog URL as an OpenID for the blog-owner (me) is available, and on the other blog, it is not available. On both blogs, there exists an administrator account which has at least one OpenID URL defined for it. The XRDS

    Is there any obvious reason for these different behaviors? Where does one set the “blog owner”, if not in the OpenID Provider Options? The delegation links appear in the headers of the front page of the blog that has an apparent blog owner, and not in the headers of the other one.

    One difference between the two blogs is the one on which OpenID delegation is working has only a single user, and the one that doesn’t work has two users (both administrators).

    Any suggestions?

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