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  1. will.clarity
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I was having trouble getting the OpenID to fully execute and was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

    I've got a client's site using multi-site and s2member and we are tyring to get OpenID as a log-in option for users. For testing I've been using MyOpenID.com and Chi.imp as the OpenID providers just to make sure the issue is the same.

    Basically the plugin installs just fine and shows up as it should in the wp-login area. I enter the OpenID, it takes me to those provider pages (MyOpen and Chi.mp) for verification and then back to the site, but returning to the wp-login area as if I hadn't done anything.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Will Norris
    Posted 4 years ago #

    my first guess is that you don't have "anyone can register" enabled. there is a current bug in wordpress where error messages from plugins like OpenID get eaten (http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/19714), so that may be why you're not seeing anything when you come back from the OpenID provider.

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