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  • I am attempting to support WordPress in my small business. The fact that WordPress allows users to post HTML is both powerful and a hinderance. My writers are, to say the least, very confused by HTML coding and anything more complex than bold and italic and you start to lose them.

    I would love to see something simple such as “Upload OpenDocument” as a post. An ODF file will contain all the formatting, pictures, links and other features all in one convenient file for users. Such a feature would allow users to be simple and also create very nice formatting at the same time.

    Since OpenDocument format is open and, as I understand it, well documented, I am hoping someone will also think this is a good idea and consider its implementation.

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  • Alternatively: how about you give the users client-side authoring tools like w.bloggar?

    It’s nice but it requires MSIE which is a problem. Many users are Mac users and others use Linux. OpenDocument format is supported by all of those systems and windows too.

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