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    I run a WordPress site and also run an OpenCart store. The problem is, the users that registered with OpenCart will have to register again for my WordPress site.

    Is there a way to let my Opencart users log in to the WordPress site with their already created account?

    Maybe importing WordPress users from Opencart users CSV file? Plugin?

    Gah. I need this to work. :/

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  • We are looking for something similar….

    Here is a good start:

    Good luck!

    I’m creating an integration for Opencart and WordPress as an Opencart module. It will allow you to add WordPress specific information into Opencart blocks. I’m calling it WPOpencart or WPOC for short.
    ie. Latest Posts, List of Post Categories, Posts that are in a category, List of bookmarks, wordpress search box, archives and the navigation menus.

    Once phase 1 of this module is complete I think I want to code it the other way around to get information out of Opencart and into WordPress – I think this integration would be more powerful than the previous & more flexible, and also because WordPress has so many more templates and plugins available.

    The main goal of both of these integrations is to leave the underlying code of both packages intact, so that any existing wordpress and Opencart can have the other attached or detached at any time. No database or coding lock-ins.

    And no, neither one of these will be an iframe implementation. I repeat NOT using iframes to retrieve content.

    Jeffery Moore


    I have created a plugin package that pulls data into WordPress from OpenCart (like your second phase) and it works pretty well. The name I chose (months ago) was WP3OC, or WordPress3 OpenCart. 🙂 I have not released it in any way yet, but I will when it is ready. I am curious how popular such a plugin would be — are a lot of people looking for this functionality? No better place to ask than here I suppose.



    This would definitely be popular within the Opencart community. People need a CMS with Opencart because the module system in Opencart is not really a module system. It’s more like adding extra functionality to blocks that you can assign to different areas of the layout.
    Also, the CMS customizations created for Opencart are not flexible at present. Opencart doesn’t have hooks, so that’s why I’d prefer to have Opencart data inside WordPress. Opencart is really easy to use in terms of only ecommerce, so I think the uptake for this kind of tool would be pretty good.
    It will be my real first WordPress plugin, so I think it will be fun to create.



    Hi Readyman,

    I think a better idea would be to do this in reverse.

    Create a wordpress plugin that allows you to integrate your OpenCart online store. Something that works similar to WHMCS bridge…See example here:



    In this example, I have created a WordPress site but also integrated my WHMCS shopping cart to allow me to sell products seamlessly rather than jumping onto another subdomain or using another hopeless WP ecommerce plugin. This gives me all of the benefits of WordPress SEO and usability but also WHMCS’s ecommerce and reporting capabilities.

    What do you think?



    Yeah, I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve said that I’m going to do it both ways. The WHCMS cart does not seem to have that many ‘levels’ compared to the opencart system and it’s shipping, taxes, modules etc that would need a different type of integration rather than a simple bridge – I’ll have to look into it a little more. I’d be interested to know what a hopeless wordpress plugin looks like, so I can avoid making one.



    Im saying that it would be better served as a WordPress Plugin rather than an OpenCart module. There are far more people that would benefit from a WP Plugin rather than an OC Module. What I was saying with the way it works is, make it so that it works like WHMCS, have it run inside the WordPress page and so that it doesn’t affect anything else. EG: Keeps the same headers, sidebars etc and just runs the product selection and checkout process.



    Just finished the WordPress to Opencart integration – it brings in WordPress information to Opencart blocks & I’ll keep updating it with more features. I’m making a start on the Opencart to WordPress integration this week – this should be fun.

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