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    I’m experiencing something that it not quite clear to me.

    My hosting is based on Plesk 10.4.4, I use the latest version of Duplicator (0.4.1) and having some issues with “open_basedir” being reported as “on”.

    I manually entered custom value “/” for the “open_basedir” in Plesk panel – and I send support ticket to my hoster to check it with them. They say that is “off” and it’s just my app/plugin reports that is “on”

    So – I’ve checked if the plugin actually works and if it does the backup properly – and it seem to work fine without any problems (or I think it works)

    Could you possibly tell me what might be a problem here? I’ve used Duplicator previously with Plesk 9.5 – and I remember that the plugin didn’t work properly until I asked my hosting provider to switch the open_basedir off for me. But I’m really confused with what’s happening now with Plesk 10.4.4.

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey waveman777,

    The open_basdir is only marked as a “System Check” which means you can still run the plugin with it on. It is however recommended that it be off if possible. If you did get the plugin working with it on and your able to redeploy your package then you should be ok.

    It’s setup as a system check because it is know to cause more issues and trying to debug with it can cause many issues that just take too much time to try and diagnose.

    Hope that helps!

    I understand, but is there any other fairly simple way to check if the open_basedir is actually on or off? I’m wondering if this is just a false alarm and if I should complain to the hosting guys about it? They say that in Plesk 10.4.4 I can change it myself and that the open_basedir is off according to them… It’s just very confusing.


    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    I see what your saying… You can check a few places if you have access, if you don’t then you will need to contact your host. On some system you can put directives inside the httpd.conf which toggles this value. Your host may have it turned on there…

    Currently the code performs the following check;

    Which checks the php.ini. It could give a false alarm if your host allows the Apache directive mentioned above. Programmatically I don’t believe I could access the setting from apache so I am a bit limited from a programming standpoint to report from there…

    In the end it is just a “System Check” and more of a recommendation than anything else. If your host says they have it off then it probably is and the plugin is just reporting the wrong value form the php.ini which is being over-ridden from Apache…

    I know its a bit confusing, you should try writing this stuff 😉

    I understand 🙂 The guys from the my hosting company claim that everything is set up properly and the plugin should recognise it properly… I suppose we’ll need to leave it as it is if the plugin works.

    One more curious thing is that when I go to Duplicator > Diagnostics and search for “open_basedir” setting – I clearly see that there is “/” in both columns “local Value” and “Master Value”

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey waveman777

    If its set to “/” then that means its on and set to the root directory. If its off then it would say “no value” in your case because its set to the root directory then it most likely isn’t going to have any conflicts with the usage of the plugin. However if a host does anything with symlinks or changes aliases of physical server paths then it could cause troubles.

    I’ll update the FAQs to better spell this out…


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