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  • Yes i’d like to know the answer to this as i have the same issue.

    Regards, Paul

    I wish I could help you Paul. I just used a different plug-in.


    Check your secondary class name under the Secondary Lightbox Settings, in the Other tab My default setting was lbp_secondary. Then just change the class name from lbModal to the correct class name on the embedded code.


    Hi courseiam

    Thanks for your reply, i did get over the issue with a different plugin, but it doesn’t have the flexibility of the Lightbox plus, so are you saying to change the secondary name from lbpModal to lbp_secondary in the Other tab? Does this correct the issue of it opening up in full screen?

    Thanks for replying, appreciated!


    Hi Paul,

    No not quite. Check what the class name in the Secondary other tab and then go the page where your youtube vid is and change that class name to match the one in the other tab. And that will solve the full screen problem.

    Hope that makes sense?


    Yes it makes sense, though i’m sure i had these the same originally, but i will try again, thanks for your help!


    Good luck and you’re welcome! If you have any more problems, let me know and I’ll try to help…. I’m no expert tho!


    I had the same issue with video playing in youtube website (full screen mode) instead of opening a lightbox in my website.
    I found your thread here and fixed my issue.
    Since the last comment before my addy here does not indicate if the solution provided by “courseiam” was ok, I prefered to add this part so other users experiencing the same issue can figure out that the solution is fine and fix 100% the issue.
    Do not forget when setting the plugin options in WP appearance that Secondary Lightbox Settings is not there by default.
    (1) You have to check the Use Secondary Lightbox option in the main “Base settings” Tab
    (2) Save all settings
    (3) Reload to have acess to a new Secondary Lightbox tab in the bottom
    (4) In one of its folders called “Other”, you can read “the Secondary Class Name” given class name
    (5) You must use this Class name your short codes
    The Secondary Class Name = lbp_secondary
    the short code you should use must read:
    (to avoid this site changes the text below to a link in my comment, I deleted some html strings in front and in the end please add: < in front and > in the end to close the html code)
    a>href=”″>lbp_secondary” title=”Sample Video”>Sample Video </a

    Hope this can help others and thank you very much for helping me this evening.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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