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  • I hope I get a response to this question, as I see not very many questions have been answered, however, I am going to post it hoping I can receive a bit of support so here goes:

    Is there a way I can modify the code to open a category instead of it going to the excerpt page?

    I have categories with one post in each and I have this plugin installed to show those categories however, when I click on the link it takes me to the excerpt page instead of the full post.

    Can this be modified to open full post in that category and if so, what do I need to add and/or modify in the code?


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  • I mean, open up the full post within the category, instead of the post excerpt, as there are only one in the categories I am using this plugin for.

    I’m going to ask this question again but in a different way.
    I have this plugin set up to show tags instead of categories. When I click on a tag in the page it goes to the only post I have in that tag which what I want it to do. However, it goes to the posts excerpt then I have to click on “read more” to open up the full post.
    What I am trying to accomplish is by-passing the excerpt and just open up the full post. Can this be done??? Anyone???

    I have added additional code in my theme’s functions file to open up full post but it still is not opening up. So, this tells me my issue is with this plugin and I need to change something. I wish the developer would chine in on this post and direct me on what to do.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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