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  • Trying to get this to work with lana downloads ?

    My PDF’s are downloading, but I need these to OPEN in a new window! Thanks!

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    I understand the problem, but it is not possible.
    This is a download manager plugin, there is no way to open files.

    A more detailed discussion about this suggestion:
    feature request: open link in new window

    I am interested in this plugin. Was any progress made? I love your plugin Lana Downloads Manager but really want to be able to open PDF’s in another tab rather than download. -Thanks!

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    @tikimultimedia As its name suggests, it’s a download manager plugin, not a pdf manager plugin.

    Logically, this is a download manager because it does not include WordPress, and opening manager slightly different.
    You can add a WordPress media file (like image, document, etc.) using the “Add Media” button. And you can choose to “Link to” option. Yes, I know it’s not the same and there is no counter and no log, but you can use this for your purpose.

    Technically, the problem is that the download manager works in PHP, but opening something in a new window can not be done in PHP, this can be handled in JS (because PHP is server-side and JS is client-side and there is a browser at the client). So I think this is impossible to do with the download manager.

    The pdf management is a unique request, the pdf management is a unique request and request, this or freelancher can create or search for a special plugin. Or you can use the WordPress core (as I described it).

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

    I completely understand what you are saying and the scope of this plugin. It seemed like you or someone was working on a plugin that would allow such a feature with Lana Downloads manager, or am I misunderstanding what is being described here:

    While I am open to switching to another PDF manager, our use-case makes it very easy for our client to be able to upload and download files without going in and modifying code on pages (plus some other perks). I also realize that there are certain limitations depending on your browser and other software installed but for Chrome users or similar situations I would love to be able to do this.

    I am open to paying for a plugin that does helps with this, I looked into doing it with .htaccess but I would probably use this on multiple sites so it would be great to have this functionality in a plugin I can just use. I would even suggest this would be a “Pro” feature? Anything you are willing to do to help with this would be wonderful. I am open to paying to have this feature added to the main branch of this plugin too if its something you would want to include in future versions?

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    @tikimultimedia Oh yeah, in that topic I helped another client build an addon plugin for Lana Download Manager. I usually take freelancher orders.

    Please contact me at email address. I think I can help you.

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