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  • Resolved mevabien22


    This plug is excellent!

    Could the notification be opened in a new tab instead of being displayed in a modal window?

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    That would be a significantly different implementation of the plugin’s intent. However, I’ll look into it and see if that is something that I think would be used by a significant number of users.

    Can you go into more detail about how you’d expect that feature to work? Feel free to email me at the address you’ll find at the bottom of the setup pages in the admin panel if you’d rather not have this discussion in the forum.

    Thanks for the feedback @mevabien22!

    I thought that the plugin could include a [shortcode] that when you paste it on any page the button will go to the external website, cancel, the countdown on that page.

    That is to say, it would not change anything of the operation of the plugin, the only thing would be to add the option that the notification of exit is in a “modal box” or in a “new page” using a shortcode or a page that the plugin generates exclusively for it.

    Thank you

    Hi Curtis,

    your plugin works very nice.

    +1 from me for this feature.

    Let me explain which behavior I would expect.

    In my website, I have several external links, which I specified to open in a new window by simply defining the <a/> parameter “target” as “_blank”.

    Ideally, your plugin would read that target parameter and simply apply it to the link of the “Go to site …” button.

    What do you think?

    Best regards

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    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    @blubstar, That’s an excellent idea. I’ll look at adding that the next time I’m working on this plugin.


    One more comment: My suggestion seems to differ a bit from what mevabien22 was proposing.

    mevabien22 asked for a feature that can open the “exit confirmation box” in two different ways: “modal pop-up on same page” (as it is now) or immediately open a new page and present the confirmation question there. And he asked for an ADDITIONAL [shortcode] to be used. To me, this appears a bit over-designed.

    In my idea, there is always the modal pop-up on same page (as it is now), just the “go to” link on this pop-up inherits the “target” from the original link. In my idea, there is no need for any additional [shortcode]. I hope that this is simple (and quick 🙂 )

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    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    Hi, @mevabien22! I’ve made some updates with some additional input from @blubstar that may be useful to you. I don’t think it’s exactly what you were asking for, but let me know if it fits your needs. It won’t open the alert in a new window, as I’m still not sure how to implement that in a way that makes sense for this plugin.

    Either way, let me know what you think.

    And to @blubstar, I’ve implemented it as you suggested, and I like the results. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas!



    Hey Curtis,

    great. I installed the new version. It does exactly what I suggested.
    Thank you for the quick realization.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for worrying about improving the plugin, the improvements are always very grateful!

    As for the improvement that I propose I think it is not a big change, it is simply to include the option of being able to choose how to show the exit notice:

    modal window (as it currently is)

    or on a page within the same site (as I would like it to be)

    I hope it is possible for future updates.


    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    That helps me understand better what you’re asking for. I’m still not sure if it’s appropriate for the plugin, but I’ll consider adding it once I look into what that will entail. I may require the user to add a page with a shortcode to make this practical. Would that be an acceptable way to do this in your mind?

    Yes, exactly that I had thought,

    a small code that when added to a page converts it into an exit page.

    Thank you very much for the availability to listen to new ideas and I hope this improvement can be implemented.




    I am +1 for this idea. I have a page that I would like to open into a new site, but have the page first warn that it is leaving my site.

    So have a link on a page <A HREF="redirectpage" target="newwindowtab">Text that user sees</a>

    That opens which then displays the “Exit Notifier”. If they click cancel, ideally it would close that new tab/window.

    My reason for needing this:

    Right now, if I have it set to have a timeout to auto-load the link in 15 seconds and have it in a new window, it will be blocked by Chrome pop-up blocker. Whereas if I don’t use the timeout feature, it does not get blocked.

    It appears that the javascript pop-up timer is blocked, but the human clicking on link is permitted.

    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    That makes sense. I’ve started work on this, but I can’t continue any additional work right now due to a huge backlog of paid work. I hope to get back to this in a few weeks.

    Hi Curtis,

    this is blubstar again. Still very happy with your plug-in.

    I found one thing that irritates me a bit.
    When I have several external links with the “target” as “_blank” spec, they all open in the SAME new tab.

    Here is some “test scenario”:

    • when I click on such external link for the first time, it opens in new tab –> good
    • when I then click on another such external link, it does not open in a new tab but in the one previously opened, thereby kind of “overwriting” this tab –> unexpected

    Even <CTRL>+<MOUSE-LEFT-CLICK> on a link will not do the trick (which usually all browsers that I use do).

    Could you look into it? I know, not high priority, but maybe you seek the challenges 🙂

    Best regards, Happy Easter, stay healthy,


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    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    As far as I know, that behavior is determined by the browser, but I’ll definitely look into a way to force a new tab every time. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

    Happy Easter to you as well! May you and yours stay healthy and safe.

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