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    First, I love this plugin. Thank you for making it.

    When I insert an image into a post I fill out the “Alternate Text” and the “Title Text”. With the latest version of WordPress it always drops the Title text and I have to go back after inserting it to re-type it in. However with your plugin I can’t get back to that screen once it’s inserted.

    Closely related, I can’t find an option to make the linked image open in a new window.

    Any help?

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for your post.

    The reason for this is a change in WordPress itself, and nothing that I can influence in TablePress, sorry. From what I know, this was done because the title attribute is not necessary at all, when there’s an alt attribute present. Thus, there’s nothing wrong with how the images are inserted, and you shouldn’t really worry about it.
    If you still want the title attribute, you’ll have to just add it to the HTML code manually.

    Opening the linked image in a new window can be done in two ways, as well. If the link is coming directly from the “Insert Image” dialog, you can make a link open in a new window, by extending the HTML of the

    <a href="..."><img src="..." .../></a>


    <a href="..." target="_blank"><img src="..." .../></a>

    The target="_blank" indicates that the link should be opened in a new window. (Unfortunately, I can’t add a checkbox here, as this dialog is rendered directly by WordPress.)

    The second option would be to just insert the image with this dialog, without the link, and then add the link (with the image HTML code as the link text) via the “Insert Link” button. That dialog does have a simple checkbox to make the link open in a new window. (In the background it does the same as the manual solution, with inserting that target="_blank". It just requires a few more clicks.)


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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