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  • Hi! I want to achieve a way to when customer clicks an external link
    – open the link in new tab (always)
    – show popup and giving visitor some info about the page he opened. So not asking his permission to forward him but always open the link

    Anyway to do that? Maybe with javascript?

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  • i want to achieve this because now the plugin link is blocked by chrome because chrome is blocking “pop up” links. this is a dutch notification but i assume u are familiar with the notification type

    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    Hi @internetnoob!

    You can check “Open selected links in a new window/tab” (how this actually works depends on the browser settings the user has) on the Behavior tab in settings.

    Do you mean to customize a message for each link that’s different?

    My plugin doesn’t do that (at least for now. Interesting idea…).

    As for the pop-up blocking, this is not a pop-up as would be detected by that feature, it’s an actual part of the webpage, so that should not be an issue for Exit Notifier.

    Let me know if I’ve answered your questions well.

    hi! thanks for your prompt response!

    not a custom message for each link. but more then only “text” i have achieved it here test the 2nd link it is with the notifier enabled… but it is still giving the blocked by chrome/ firefox issues u can test it your self in chrome incognito…..

    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    I can’t tell for sure due to the sheer density of the text, but it looks like you’ve got a full form, including a fair amount of javascript in the body of the Exit Notifier. My only guess is that it’s something in the javascript creating a popup window that’s being blocked. Without extensive cleaning up of the code, I don’t really know what to tell you specifically.

    First, please cut the entire body to another text editor or something else to save it, and just type some simple text and see if you still get the popup block. If not, then it’s something in the code you’re adding to the body of the Exit Notifier window. Let me know if that changes it for you.

    On another note, my misunderstanding of your second point above led me to add another feature. I’ve credited you in the changelog. Now you can add custom attributes to a link and customize the title and body for every link if you choose.

    Do let me know if you still get the popup blocker with plain text in the body.

    Hi man! Love the way you are responding. Can I donate somewhere to keep the dev going?
    Will test it without javascript!
    Even if that it was a misunderstanding, that feature is pretty great and will def. see my self using it 🙂

    Another thing i m facing. If i manage to show the form without pop up blocker, i want the time counter to be paused when user want to fill in the email address, e.g. clicks on the name or email field. Is this something you can help me with?

    Plugin Author Curtis V. Schleich


    If you’d like to donate, I have a page set up for that at

    I’ll think about pausing the counter. Not sure off the top of my head, but I’ll see what I can come up with.

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