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    My site has been updated to Lionel 6.3, and plug-ins are set to auto-update.

    When adding links to a new post, I set them to open in a new tab. Previously the block editor displayed the ‘Open in New Tab’ toggle when the add link option was selected and it was quick and simple to use. In 6.3 it is hidden.

    I now have to enter the URL and <return>. Then I have to click back to the link > select Edit > scroll down to ‘Advance’ and open it > activate the toggle > and click Save. Very long and clunky.

    Is there anyway that users can set this (and any other toggles) to display by default when the add link option is selected? If not please can one be provided in the near future?

    I tried to add my name to the following post, but was told by the moderator to start my own thread:
    I hope this is the correct space to raise this issue in.

    BTW – I’m a non-techy amateur with two sites I look after. All feedback will be appreciated.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Sadly there’s no filter for that at the moment 🙁 has more information on the matter, but basically it’s really hard to code that, but the devs know and are trying to make it a better experience. The good news is the next major release of WP should have a better (and more consistent) experience.

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    Thank you @ipstenu

    Good to know that I’m not the only one who is disappointed with the new interface in this regard.

    I suspect there is reluctance to offer a ‘settings’ option which allows users to set the default to ‘open in new tab’. Which would mean I would only need to delve into that area when I didn’t want set it ;}

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    It’s a surprisingly (to me) controversial setting. The argument against is “people know how to alt-click!” and the argument for is “it makes sure they don’t lose their place!” Or for me at least “open in new tab on my iphone sucks.”

    If you want it globally, I’m sure there are some plugins that use javascript on each page and force it. I know I saw one the other day for all external links.

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    Thanks, for the insights.

    Yes, contentious issue but that is a good reason to make it available for user to choose how to set up their websites – along the lines of ‘free speech’ ;}

    This plugin looks like it will do the job, provided it works as described:
    Open Links In New Tab – WordPress plugin |

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    I peeked at it. That one looks pretty good, and safe to use. (says the former plugin reviewer 😉 )

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    Thanks. That’s good to know.



    I have exactly the same concern. This assumption “The argument against is “people know how to alt-click!” ” is a bit presumptuous in my opinion. Don’t assume users know this or even care.

    I have the same issue, end users are complaining that this is a major inconvenience given the simplicity of the original workflow. It’s a frustration that should / could be alleviated by having a setting to apply as a default that all hyperlinks should have that checked on creation.

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    I would love to see the option for ‘open in a new tab’ at least show up in the same frame as creating the link. It is tremendously clumsy to have to make the link, then return to the link to select Edit, then click Advanced, and then FINALLY set it to open in a new window. However, I’m not a coder and this option might be asking for a huge thing, I don’t know … but it would be appreciated if it’s not hard to include it all in one step.

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    When I try to add links to my newest post all I get is the option to create the link. Gone is any way to open in a new tab. After I create the link the only thing that happens when I click on it to edit it is that I see the link. When I included some older text from another post with links I’m given the clumsy option Wildozark describes, but not on newly added links. It may be hard to code it, but they’ve done it until now. Why take away a simple dialogue box that solved these problems?

    This worked perfectly fine before and the UX was good. I don’t get the need to change it and make anything more difficult, regardless of whatever arguments are against using “open in a new tab”.

    This change is so clunky! I run a bunch of sites and my editorial team now has to waste more of their time doing what was super simple before. Come on. Time is money.

    Sure, we could use a plugin but I don’t want to force all links to open in a new tab.

    I’m baffled by this. Why even make this change?



    This change is a detriment to UX. The previous method of keeping the option “open in new tab” in the workflow worked very well.

    Another issue I’m seeing is the toolbar is consistently blocking the hyperlink edit view.

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