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  • tdkehoe


    I see lots of WordPress plugins to embed Open Graph metadata into posts so that Facebook users can republish your blog posts on Facebook. Are there any WordPress plugins that enable me to create blog posts from news articles with Open Graph metadata? I.e., I copy a URL and the image, title, first sentence of the content, etc. appear in my blog post?

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  • Tor-Bjorn Fjellner


    Hmm. I can’t find that, neither.
    I guess that it might be a heavy thing to implement “reverted support” for open graph, since you would need to add a lot of security checks…
    In addition, the specification is a moving target. Facebook may at any date suddenly reveal new funny og:tags that you’d need to suddenly support.

    What is there, though, i support for oembed.
    For security reasons, this functionality is limited to whitelisted sites only.
    You can find an updated list of supported services/sites at

    Best regards,

    Tor-Bjorn Fjellner


    I looked a bit deeper.
    Perhaps you might relatively easily write your own embed handler?

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