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  • Resolved Daniel J. Lewis


    I just discovered a major conflict with Open Graph and PowerPress podcasting plugin. When both plugins are enabled, Open Graph prevents PowerPress’s podcast player from appear in the individual posts (but appears fine in archives). Disabling OpenGraph makes the podcast player re-appear.

    Open Graph 1.3 and PowerPress 4.0 were released so close to each other, that I can’t tell if this is something introduced with PowerPress 4.0 or with Open Graph 1.3.

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  • We’ve had someone else have problems with Open Graph on the Blubrry Forums. Player issues are usually either due to conflicting JavaScript or the conflicting plugin intercepting ‘the_content’ after PowerPress added the player.

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    I can’t imagine this is being caused by the opengraph plugin… it’s actually a *very* simple plugin. I just tested it with PowerPress 4.0.4 and they player showed up on the individual post page just fine. Are you still having this problem?

    This was already fixed, I sent the developer of the Facebook plugin some code and an explanation what was happening and he merged the changes to Facebook plugin which was released in version 1.0.1.

    Will, are you having a new problem with the PowerPress player not appearing?

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    No, I’m not having trouble with it. I’m actually the developer of the OpenGraph plugin, so was trying to see if this was still an issue. Sounds like not, so I’ll mark this as resolved.

    By the way, which Facebook plugin are you saying was fixed in v1.0.1? DJosephDesign mentioned the OpenGraph plugin, which never had a 1.0.1 release.

    Not Open Graph, I meant the official “Facebook” plugin: Sorry very confusing, I thought this was about the “Facebook” plugin which has open graph in it.

    Daniel, you’ll have to elaborate what the problem was you had or if it still exists.

    Yes, this is still a problem with PowerPress 4.0.4 and Open Graph 1.4.

    Here is a front-page excerpt and single-post screen shot showing the podcast player before Open Graph is activated:

    And here is immediately after Open Graph is activated (and all caches cleared):

    This doesn’t affect the front-page excerpt, only the single pages.

    I tried completely deactivating my cache, but it didn’t fix the problem. The moment Open Graph is activated, it prevents the PowerPress player from loading.

    Looks like the same bug that was in the Facebook plugin.

    Will, email me, I’ll send you some pseudo code that addresses the problem. Basically the_content/the_excerpt is only to be called in the theme’s loop, I suspect your calling this function/filter in your plugin which is causing the issue.

    email cio [at] rawvoice dot com.

    Plugin Author Will Norris


    Angelo: yes, I was calling get_the_excerpt outside of the loop. I’ve fixed in that in commit 7b8e6f1, which will be in the next release.

    Sounds good! I look forward to the next release!


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