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  • Plugin Support Leland Fiegel


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your note.

    There is probably a way with a dash of custom code.

    I say “probably” because I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “the events page” as it relates to your site.

    Take our live preview site for example:

    The homepage is essentially also the events page, so there’s not really a way of opening that in a new window if someone happens to land on that page anyway.

    However, there would be a way to write code to make sure when somebody clicked “Multi-day Event” (or any individual event link like that) that that opened in a new window.

    Could you provide some additional details as to what you mean?

    Links to a page on your site (and direction as to which links on that page should open in a new window when clicked) and/or annotated screenshots, if you wouldn’t mind, would be immensely helpful in directing you to a satisfactory solution.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Leland

    The website is
    In the left side menu there is a link to “UPCOMING EVENTS” that opens a page of events.
    When the page has loaded and the user clicks on an image (event) I want it to open in a new browser tab so that the user can always refer back to the original tab for the other events.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Support Leland Fiegel


    Awesome, that’s exactly the information I was looking for.

    So first off, it looks like the event grid on that page are rendered by something called Fusion Builder.

    I believe that’s related to your Avada theme. They might have a built-in feature that would help with this. It might be worth checking with their support just in case.

    With that said, even if they don’t, the below PHP code snippet that I just whipped up for you should help:

    add_action( 'wp_footer', function() {
    // Only run this code on page id #27735, aka the "Upcoming Events" page
    if ( is_page( 27735 ) ) :
    	(function () {
    	 	// Customize your domain name here, if needed
    		const DOMAIN_NAME = '';
    	 	// Grab all links that start with /event/
    		const eventLinks = document.querySelectorAll( 'a[href^="https://' + DOMAIN_NAME + '/event/"]' );
    		// Define the function that will add target="_blank" to any link passed to it
    		const targetBlankify = link => {
    			link.setAttribute( 'target', '_blank' );
    		// Apply the targetBlankify function to each link
    		eventLinks.forEach( link => targetBlankify( link ) );
    	} )();
    } );

    If you’re not familiar with working with custom PHP snippets, we have a guide about it here:

    Or really any “php snippets wordpress” guide should help. It’s not specific to us.

    Since this Fusion Builder isn’t our product and I don’t have access to it, this snippet isn’t specific to that or even The Events Calendar. It’s just looking for any link that starts with /event/ on your Upcoming Events page.

    IF ANYONE ELSE IS READING THIS, please see this more generalized snippet:

    You will need to customize it for use on your site, especially the domain name.

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards,

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    Brilliant, it works great
    Thanks for your help, it’s saved me hours of heartache trying to sort it.

    Plugin Support Leland Fiegel


    Happy to help!

    I’ll go ahead and mark this topic as resolved. Feel free to start a new topic if you have any other questions and we can take a look.

    Best regards,

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