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  • Hi,

    Good work on the latest WordPress update, but here’s what I think you should focus on for the next updates.

    You could focus on the category management and the search feature.
    I’ve used WordPress for nearly 3 years now (almost every day) and one thing that really needs improvements is the search.

    1 Add “exact title search only” again. Add a dropdown field to the search where you can actually select SEVERAL search options. I had to change your query.php to this to get the more useful “exact title search” back

    $search .= "{$searchand}(($wpdb->posts.post_title LIKE '{$n}{$term}{$n}'))";
    //$search .= "{$searchand}(($wpdb->posts.post_title LIKE '{$n}{$term}{$n}') OR ($wpdb->posts.post_content LIKE '{$n}{$term}{$n}'))";

    2 Category management is important. For example it is still way to difficult to BULK manipulate categories. e.g. let’s say I want to remove a secondary category from all posts within a category. Yes, the new category editor is nice, but a real bulk management tool would be better so we don’t have to waste time on going through lots and lots of pages or write SQL queries to achieve the same.

    I’ll probably hire some coder to program something like it for me and will make it available for free when I have the time

    3 The admin dashboard is relatively slow when you have a lot of articles, I think it’s time to improve it

    There are more things I don’t remember right now but I will post some more feedback when I have time.


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  • Whilst not keen on the word ‘should’ at the best of times, for what it’s worth I think your concerns are valid.

    Omly the other day I had a search problem that was unsolved with several search plugins in addition to the regular method — of course, it may be impossible: I have a number of images uploaded but unused as yet in a post; and needed to determine if one of them was already on a post.

    Now theoretically, since the image name is on the url where the post calls for the image, it is part of the written post: but even testing it with known images in posts, nothing could be found: eg: with an image called alisonkrauss.jpg, ‘alisonkrauss.jpg‘ had no results, whereas ‘allisonkrauss‘ alone oddly found the post where Alison Krauss was mentioned, but was no help in finding the image. And of course, images may be named anything unrelated to the subject…

    Perhaps one could run a search through phpmyadmin, but that would be as handy as using a tractor to move a garden chair a few inches.

    I’d welcome better search tools

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