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  • Hi, my blog died, and only back up was from several years ago so don’t look at my content right now haha.

    But, at:

    I am trying to make that white area into a semitransparent background so that the real background image shows through a little bit. Ive been trying stuff for hours now and have only gotten it to a point where the entire thing is transparent.. header side bars and all.

    Im working on making the theme into something that will match my youtube page a bit: <– see how the text container is semi transparent (but the videos and text arent)?

    Does anyone know where and what code I need to put? Am I editing the css or the php files?

    Please and thanks for any help!

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  • There are different ways to do this.

    Using CSS3 will allow you to set transparency right from the css. However, not widely accepted yet.(thanks to people NEVER updating their browsers!)

    You can also use a small transparent png graphic and repeat it. You will need an ie6 fix though.

    There are other tricks too, such as using absolute relative/positioning, etc. because if you just set the div transparent, the children will inherit that transparency as well.

    im using a transparent .gif now, it doesn’t look very good with the text, is the particular gif im using that looks bad?

    gif is a different type of transparency than png.

    A png will actually appear “see-through” because it uses partial transparency.

    I would suggest a png over a gif for this type of situation. Then, as stated, I’d either use a png fix(mentioned above) or just have a conditional ie6 css file that simply calls a solid color.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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