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  • Over the last two days, I have received several spam comments that slipped past Akismet. When I go to delete them, I get the response, “Oops, no comment with this ID.” Even going to the mass moderation or clicking through the dashboard gives me no resolution to this. It began when I was running 2.0, and continued when I upgraded to 2.2.

    How can I regain control over these spams? They are still there and I don’t know how to remove them, let alone keep more from coming in.

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  • Hmm. Can’t say why you’d get that error. What happens if you set them as “spam” and then delete them through Akismet’s admin page?

    Are you running any other anti-spam plugins?

    I wasn’t at the time, but I activated Auto Moderate Comments, which sends comments to moderation if there has been no activity in the last two weeks.

    In order to set them as spam, I have to be able to get to them, and so far they are out of my reach. I had hoped that this would be settled in the upgrade.

    Another thing, I no longer have the boxes at the bottom of the admin page with links to the weblog tools collection. I don’t know if there’s a link there, but that’s a secondary thing I have noticed.

    OK, now my Akismet API key appears invalid. I copy/pasted it from my blog and it is the same.

    And on the .Com, I now have two blogs, one that I didn’t create. Somebody must have hacked their way in there, because I didn’t give out my userID. Any thoughts also about how to delete that one? Will it jack things up even worse? Here’s the notice I get when I go to delete that second blog:


    * You will never be able to register with again using this email address.
    * Your API key will stop working.
    * Your username will be lost forever.
    * We can never restore your account or your content.

    You may have better chances to get a proper answer to your questions regarding by posting to their forum:

    I only discovered that problem after my initial comment problem on my main site popped up, and the info pertaining to my API is (likely) secondary to this. I’d like a resolution on this matter. Should I delete the posts about the .Com situation here?

    No, I just tried to be helpful 🙂 Many users don’t realize there is a forum over there, too.

    That’s cool. I just got a spam on an old post without any activity. It’s getting past Akismet and the auto moderate plugins now. I’m tempted to wipe my WP files and get a fresh install.

    Please tell me if you think this is a bad idea.

    Bad idea? Not really. Just extra work if there’s a solution.

    I can’t cover anything on the issues with your accounts. However, instead of whacking one it may be best to follow up with the admins over there to see what they judge is best.

    Anyway, a brute force method for removing the comments would be through a MySQL admin tool like phpMyAdmin, where you can use the following query to delete them (if they’re in there somewhere):

    DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_ID = ###;

    Replace ### with the ID of each comment. Beyond that sort of thing, this plugin may be worth a look (if the comments have been marked as spam at some point):

    I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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