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  • Hi,

    I unzipped WP into my client’s folder on my hard drive and uploaded the folders and files via FTP to do the install. I keep a folder in each individual’s clients sites on my hard drive called “content” where I keep duhhh … the client’s content files. I just went to look for something in this folder to add another page to her site and I now see WP files in this content folder. I know I did not conciously put the WP files there. So, now I’m thinking I don’t have all the WP files uploaded to the FTP.

    In my ftp I have these folders that contain the files included when I unzipped:


    I also have a bunch of files in the root directory which I’m now seeing appear to be the same filenames as those in my client’s “content” folder. It *is* possible that somehow I managed to copy the root files into the client’s content folder(there are no sub-folders in this content folder) without realizing it. So, what I’m asking is, am I also supposed to have a “content” folder (not wp-content just “content”) in my WP root that I need to upload these files to? So far the site seems to be working ok, but I only have one page up so far. Some of the files in the client’s content folder are:


    all the way on down to:


    It looks to me like a complete duplicate of what’s in the WP root. I dont want to delete them from the client’s content folder until I know if I need to upload them.

    Thank you for your help.

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  • Could you post the email addresses of your clients for us?
    That way competent WP web devs can contact them 🙂

    Sorry, I don’t understand. My client would have no idea what to do w/all of this. Do you want my email address?




    Not to pile on, or feed a fire, but I think what root is suggesting is that you sound, umm, “incompetent, for the task you’re undertaking.

    Asking on a forum, if it’s possibly “you did something” really makes you look confused, at best, and certainly wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence, if I were a prospective client of yours. How can we possibly know what you might have done? better yet, why would you allow us to make such observations? You are, by far a better judge and observer of your actions that anyone here. If you dont know, how the hell can we?

    Your questions regrading files is understandable, I guess, but easily answered if you were to look inside the zip files of any WordPress archive. WordPress never has used a folder named “content”.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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