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  • I have some experience coding with HTML but I’m a novice at WordPress. I bravely but perhaps foolheartedly went ahead and made a bunch of changes to my main theme, instead of using a child theme. Now I’m happy with my website but I’m concerned that if my theme (Pantheon) gets updated, it will destroy all the changes I made to the theme. My question — and it may be a stupid one – is, updates to WordPress themes don’t happen automatically, do they? I assume I will have to authorize the update and so can say no to it. Is that correct? Thanks in advance.


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  • What you might want to do is install the plugin “Simple Custom CSS” and cut and paste your code to that. Then, if you update your theme, you should still be good to go.

    Also, do you backup your site regularly? This has saved my bacon several times! 🙂

    Thanks. I wasn’t backing up my site except in a kind of ad hoc way. I got it backed up today though in the right way. I also copied and pasted the stylesheet and templates I changed into text files on my home computer, so at least I have a copy of my changed versions. My site is basically static — it’s a business billboard basically. I just wouldn’t want to have to go figure out how I customized the theme again. I could do it but I wouldn’t want to.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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