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  • I redesigned my blog taking inspiration from both the old theme and the Thought Mechanics theme by Theron Parlim.
    Let me know any constructive criticism you have. Upon request I can make available an archive for downloading.

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  • Okay, it is solid, and I like it better than the previous one.
    And I like the “prent” in your header…
    What I do not like, but that’s personal, is the kinda Microsoft icons…
    By the way, isn’t it risky to put your passport number (as mentioned on your visa) out on the web???

    That’s what I call a narrowband theme! 😉
    I like it – very compact, but with charm, especially those small vignettes between posts – the typography for headlines and body text is a bit boring/plain, but still readable (which is the most important thing). Using orange for links stands out a bit to much for my taste – it draws to much attention from the normal textflow.

    Why don’t you try designing your own icons.
    I did,
    I did it all in Fireworks, it gives a good impression of a designer if you can design the whole site without having to buy anything.

    @nicktoye: You’re site was an inspiration to my design also. I like it a lot. I’m nevertheless not very good at all with graphics and design programs, and I’m too busy to learn. I suppose I’m more of a coder (sounds so boring though :). The icons I have now are downloadable royalty free.

    Well thanks, glad to see I inspire, never thought I would do though. What do you code?
    php, asp, jsp, cf???

    Actually mostly Prolog, Java and C++. No webstuff in other words. My ASP is not bad as (about a decade ago 🙂 I went through a VB and VBScript phase.
    As I wanted a website I needed some css/php basics. But that’s all I know really; the basics!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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