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  • This plugin is great IF you only have a few images to import and they are small file sizes.

    If you have images above about 800 pixels wide then you are going to have to edit the plugin to reduce the number you bring in each time – sometime severely. I’ve had it down to 2 at a time to import images 1200×900 pixels.

    Otherwise the plugin WILL fail, returning a blank page or a 404 error, and make a right mess of things in the Media Library when it does.

    It will actually import some of the files, but doesn’t realise it has, so the next time you try you get “-1” suffixes on the file names, then if that fails, “-2” and so on until you have multiple copies which you then have to go in to delete and clean up the references in your post.

    Right now I have a post with 80 images in it and have to import them 5 at a time, so 16 attempts. That’s after trying 20, 12 and 8 at a time, all of which failed and produced duplicates. Not quick, easy or fun to clean up afterwards. Plus you have to give it a few seconds after each try or it will just return having done nothing.

    If you only have a few relatively small images it will do the job just fine, but be prepared to put some work in if it fails.

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