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  • This does not work properly when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory because they have hard coded paths rather than use the correct WP function calls to locate files/folders. When questioned about it, their director of software development stated that there were issues when the proper function calls were used, but then refused to elaborate (smoke and mirrors).

    Later I located the several places where it was improperly coded, fixed them and then pointed out exactly what they had to do to fix the problem, receiving vague promises they’d look into it in the future.

    This was several versions ago, they still have not fixed it.

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  • Hi Bill,

    Did you find an alternative for this service?

    Thread Starter billsmithem


    Hey Eric,

    No I did not. I’m only updating the IDX plugin when the client’s site stops working, like the one time someone on their staff with admin access updated it and broke the site.

    The client is happy with the functionality (when it’s working) and doesn’t want to go to the expense of redoing the site, so we’re not actively looking for another solution.

    If would be great if they’d fix it, but at this point there isn’t any indication that they care at all. The fixes would take all of 30 minutes to implement, and break nothing as all they involve is using WordPress correctly by asking it where files are rather than hard coding the paths.

    Pretty sad they can’t do such a simple thing to fix their software.

    Thanks for the info Bill. Is there somewhere public (like in the support forum) that you posted the fixes you implemented?

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    Yes, they were posted in the Diverse Solutions online support forum.

    Thanks Bill. I was in contact and it seems they don’t support the local Real Estate Board, so I will be rolling out my own solution.

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