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    The simple lightbox on images works in the admin area of the website. When I log out and us the website as an end user the lightbox functionality is no more working. An image is still clickable, but the image just appears on a complete black background. This failing lightbox functionalty is both the case for posts and pages.

    Evidently I have updated to the latest version of WordPress 5.2.3 and the latest version of the plugin 1.2.1.

    I see in Page View source 7 javascript files are loaded starting with lib.core.js and ending with handler.image.js.

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    Hi, I would recommend updating to the latest version of SLB, as v1.2.1 is quite old.

    Once you’ve confirmed that you are running the latest version of SLB, please provide a link to a page that exhibits the issue you are experiencing and I would be glad to take a closer look.


    I made a mistake. The latest version installed is 2.7.1.

    At times the lightbox works. Mostly it does not.

    Actually the lightbox has also disappeared from viewing an image in the admin area. The images simply appear on an own url with a black background.

    Deactivating and reactivating the plugin does not solve.

    I use the MH Purity lite theme.

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    Hi, SLB has never been loaded in the site’s admin, it is only loaded for public-facing posts/pages. Perhaps you were using a different plugin that provided this functionality in the admin area?

    Let me know once you have an example link that exhibits the issue you are experiencing and I will take a look.


    I expect the image on this page to appear in a lightbox after clicking:

    It is not the case although the 7 javascript files and the css file of SLB plugin are loaded.

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    Hi, it looks like your page has a couple issues that can stop other functionality (including SLB) from running:

    • An unbalanced tree was written using document.write() causing data from the network to be reparsed. – invalid HTML and document reparsing can both affect the browser’s ability to detect and parse links, potentially preventing SLB from running when a link is clicked.
    • TypeError: oldHtml is undefined custom.js – JavaScript errors can stop other JavaScript code (such as SLB) from running. This particular JS error appears to be from the theme (mh-purity-lite-child).

    I would recommend reviewing the issues using your browser’s development tools (e.g. Tools > Web Developer in Firefox and More Tools > Developer tools in Chrome). Once the issues are resolved, SLB should be able to function normally.

    I’m closing this ticket for now as the issue does not appear to be directly related to SLB. However, if you are still experiencing an issue after resolving the above issues, please provide an updated link to a page that exhibits the issue you are experiencing and I would be glad to reopen this ticket and take another look.

    Hi, I removed my mistake in my custom javacript file. The Javascript debugger in Google inspector, Sources does not show any errors now.

    Unfortunately the image still does not load in a lightbox on

    When I remove my custom .js file, the SLB functionality works. It looks like the SLB plugin cannot cope with an extra .JS file.

    By the way, how do you check and receive those javascript errors above?

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    Hi, you mention that you removed the custom JS file and SLB still did not work, but then said that when you removed the custom JS file, SLB functions returns. Can you please clarify?

    SLB works fine with other JS files on a page. However, as previously-noted, a JS error in any file, can stop other JS code from running. As such, once the code causing the error is resolved, the JS file can be safely loaded without affecting other JS code on your page.

    Please see my previous reply for details on how to view the JS errors using the developer tools that come with your browser. If you are using a different browser than Chrome or Firefox, I would recommend doing a search for “[Browser Name] Developer Tools” for instructions on how to open the developer tools for your specific browser (e.g. “Safari Developer Tools”, etc.).

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