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  • I want to only have the Blog enters posted on a Company page on facebook. The default setting appears to be posting anything I do on facebook to the Blog. I only want it to go one way from the Blog to the facebook page. Its a bookstore website if I post a review on a book would like what I post to appear on the bookstores Facebook page. I can’t find anything in the users guide about limiting posting from facebook to blog

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Simple, and I would have hoped that the user manual covered it:

    1) Do NOT set default publish.
    2) At user user level set the primary target to be the Bookstore’s page, and set the check box at the end of the line.

    This means that normally posts will not go to Facebook. When you have a post that you want to go to Facebook simply chose to publish it when you are on the Edit/Add page – the option to do that is in the Wordbooker options block on the Edit screen.

    Hey, I’m helping a client with this plugin on their blog. They have the company facebook page associated with their personal account. So now when they edit a post from the blog, they have the dropdown to choose which facebook page to publish to. However, they have employees posting these sometimes and don’t really want to allow the employees to post from the blog to the boss’ personal facebook wall. Is there a way to limit facebook access to only one of those pages and not all of them? If not, might this be a feature to come?

    Plugin Author Steve


    No there isn’t – and trying to add it would make administration a complete nightmare so its very unlikely to come in a future release

    The targets are set at a blog user level – so it sounds like all your contributors are logging into the blog as the same person.

    So there are some options here – use a different blog account for the “boss” and then use a different FB account on the “employees” blog login that doesn’t have access to the boss’s personal blog page. This would mean setting other FB accounts up as administrators of the company FB page.

    or you could set up a different blog login for the “employees” and then using the “boss” blog login set the Wordbooker options to only post as the “Boss” blog login (not current user). Set the “allow non wordbooker users to post” and optionally give them the ability to chose to post or not. THEN set, at the user level, the default target so its NOT the personal wall but is instead the chosen company page. That way ANY blog user can publish to your blog and to FB but they can’t chose the target. Then when the “boss” wants to post he can change the target wall on the individual post.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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