• This plugin says in the description: “renaming the files you upload to the media library with SEO friendly names”. Unfortunately, this is not the case, the file names are only overwritten if you don’t upload the images directly to the media database, but rather to the post. The data from the attachment is not used either, but from the post. So you have – and that’s very bad for SEO – not just one image with the file name, but several.

    3 stars because it runs well and does what it shouldn’t do for SEO 😉 The plugin has potential. It would just have to use the attachment data from the media database and update the file name when the data in the media database changes.

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  • Plugin Author Cedric Moris Kelly


    Hi, thanks for your comment, I think I understand your need.
    For now, I’ll release an update that disables the plugin on the media library page. It’s not possible to get the metadata of the media library on the upload event as a file that you upload directly in the media library is not attached to anything else by default.

    3 solutions to develop come to my mind:
    * Add a post selector in the upload form to have a data source.
    * Complete with XMP data of the files if they exist.
    * Have a pre-upload form where you refine the data for each file before sending it.

    The first use for the moment is to change the file name only in the upload of posts by automating as much as possible, starting from the fact that many users do not care at all about the filenames.
    For the time being, if you set your file names to unique names, it is possible to keep this information when importing in batch by using %filename% key in the file names settings.

    In the near future, what is planned:
    * Write file metadata from post data. Each metadata will have its own filter.
    * Add a form in the media libraries to adapt the filter on the fly.
    * And yes, support on media library page by supplementing with one of the 3 solutions above, you can vote 😉.

    In a second time edit old files semi-automatically with the data of the posts they are attached to.

    The dev pace is slow as it’s on my free time but I keep working on it.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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