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    Hello, so im not sure this is the right place to post this but i was not allowed to post in WP-Advanced…

    anyways, i have been working on a migration from Interspire Web Publishing platform to WordPress and am basically doing it all with SQL queries in phpMyAdmin. I have gotten all the posts migrated, and am working on migrating the categories now and have hit a wall.

    So basically, I migrated the categories into the wp_terms table and everything was good. Then i linked them to the appropriate parent categories in the wp_term_taxonomy table, which works fine with any category dropdowns such as when trying to select a category within editing a specific post or the Default Post Category on the “Writing” page. However, when i try to view the categories on the “Categories” page of the “Posts” menu, only the parent level categories show. It says there are 153 categories (which is correct) and there are three pages of categories, but only the first 20 or so show on the first page and everything else, including page 2 and page 3, are blank. The ~20 categories that show are all the parent categories. I have triple and quadruple checked that the wp_terms and wp_term_taxonomy tables are set up correctly and they are. is there maybe some sort of ‘re-scanning’ or something that needs to be done to display all the categories? im really stuck, any help would be awesome !

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  • ok so i think i figured it out. in wp_term_taxonomy table i set the parent for one of the children categories to 0 (essentially making it a top level category) which made it visible in the “Categories” page. Then i went into Edit Category and set its parent back to what it was before. This seems to have reset the taxonomy and now all of the children are showing. very weird, im going to mark this as resolved, but if anyone has any idea what was going on i would love to know !

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