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  • Somehow I am only able to create a sitewide ESS feed ( /?em_ess=1 ) with standalone events while the posts in it are in fact part of a recurring event.

    <item type="standalone" unit="hour" priority="1">
    	<name>Date: 2014-03-24T16:00:00 01:00</name>

    I noticed that in the plugin-code there is built-in support for recurrence, and recurrence works when a single parent recurring $event_id is given. It seems that the following only returns standalone (child) events when no $event_id is given:

    File: /inc/views/ESS_Feed.php
    		'em_calendar_template_args', array(
    			'limit'		=> get_option('ess_feed_limit'),
    			'page'		=> $page,
    			'owner'		=> FALSE,
    			'orderby'	=> 'event_start_date'

    Edit: /?em_ess=1&event_id=2 (the parent event) in fact returns

    <item type="recurrent" unit="week" selected_day="monday" limit="3" priority="1">
    	<name>Date: 2014-03-21T16:00:00 01:00</name>

    … but /?em_ess=1 only returns the standalone child events…

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  • I realize i did not ask anything, and the post above merely states and describes my findings.

    So, can anyone reproduce the issue? Does anyone know how to fix it? Or perhaps anyone knows of a workaround i.e. by returning:

    • one ESS feed of standalone events (without the recurring instances)
    • a second ESS feed with only the recurring parent events.

    Thanks 🙂 !

    Has this issue been resolved? Seems like it wouldn’t be very functional if none of the recurring events are part of the feed.

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