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  • For years, I had the subscribe links hidden via CSS but now want to use them. I see you now have the option to hide them or select individual ones to display. I’ve removed my CSS hiding the links.

    I’ve added the destination URLs for Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Music but on the primary podcast — only Google Podcast and RSS show + download. Frankly, I don’t want RSS to show at all but will ultimately hide that via CSS once I get this situated. This one should be Apple, Google, Amazon, Subscribe To Premium Content + the download.

    The secondary Podcast channel, which is strictly used for 30-minute previews, shows the links for Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, RSS, and Subscribe To Premium Content + Download. I don’t want any links other than download for this channel but the destinations for this channel are tied to the destinations for the primary channel. I guess I could block these with CSS but that’s annoying.

    Neither of these channels shows the Amazon link even though the URL beginning with HTTPS is filled in and I don’t know why.

    Any suggestions for getting all of the links to appear on the primary channel? I’ve combed through my CSS and there’s nothing preventing them from showing.

    For the record, I did refer to this page where the same question was asked but my situation is a bit different.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi Keith,

    Are you using Category Podcasting for one feed and Custom Podcast Channels for the other? If so, they both have individual Destinations tabs, under their respective sections in PowerPress, that need to be filled out. Make sure all URLs start with https:// (not just www or the top level of a domain) and that all of the corresponding boxes for each Destination you want to display are checked. Then, Clear any site caches, if applicable.

    I have multiple category podcasts set up for Apple Music, which for whatever reason never show up even though it recognizes them as legit in their podcast manager.

    What I’m referring to are the two main podcast channels. The first is the main feed, which only shows Google Podcasts and RSS.

    The secondary channel is for previews and I’m less concerned about that one but it’s the one showing up Apple, Google, RSS and Subscribe.

    Neither shows Amazon.

    However, I just implemented the subscribe widget on the sidebar and that lists them all — including Amazon. Go figure.

    I really wish y’all add an option to not include RSS. Nobody needs that but I can hide it with CSS.

    In short, my only concern is with the links for the main podcast channel and Amazon not showing up. All the corresponding boxes are checked under Amazon Music. Also, destinations are the same for every podcast channel. I’ve checked. They’re tied together. I don’t need it for categories.

    Also, I noticed this in your examples on Podcast Channel: Example 3: You create two versions of your podcast, a 20 minute summary and a full 2 hour episode. Use the default channel for your 20 minute summary episodes and create a new custom channel for your full length episodes.

    My main channel will always be the first (default) channel and the 2nd will always be the preview channel (opposite of your example) because one was there way before the other. I’m not sure if that affects the links but it shouldn’t because the destinations are the same options based on what’s checked for all podcast channels because they’re not separate.

    Here’s a sample page:/madonna-the-ultimate-bootleg-collection-vol-i-ii/

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    Side note: @kjam The spam filter is yelling “BAN THAT USER AS A SPAMMER!”

    Can you lay off the gratuitous links please? You’re not a spammer, right?

    Uh no. I was just trying to provide a sample page. Is that not what the link option is for?

    Okay then, thanks for the help.

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    I will put in a request with the Blubrry dev team to make the RSS link non-displayable, just like the rest of the Destinations links. They can consider the request in future upgrades to the plugin.

    If the subscribe links are showing up in one place but not another, that could be due to a conflict happening within the WordPress installation. Make sure core WordPress, all plugins, and your WordPress theme are up to date.

    This support document also has some suggestions on how to diagnose potential conflicts:

    Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    The most recent update to PowerPress allows you to hide the RSS link in the Destinations section same as the rest of the Destinations options.

    Thank you, I saw that. However, because I can’t figure out why the other subscription links don’t show up, I removed them and just left the sidebar widget.

    There are no conflicts with my other plugins.

    Thanks again!

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