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  • This is the first time I’m having this problem with this plugin.

    I just downloaded the pluging and put it in my sidebar. The default setting is to show 10 tweets.. I thinks that’s a lot so I’ve changed it to 5 tweets. But when I do that the entire widget is gone in my sidebar. It’s only showing tweets when it’s set to 10.

    I tried changes it in the settings and in the widget setting but nothing seems to work.

    Anyone had this problem too? And any idea to fix it?

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  • I was about to post the same issue – so I thought I would jump in and report that the same thing is happening on a new install.

    We have a similar issue – the widget simple stopped working about 4 weeks ago on – we thought it may be an API change but it seems not? Our feed has simply stopped working?

    Any ideas?

    What I did to make it work was use an old version of the plugin (I still had one on an older blog and downloaded it from my server and uploaded it to my other blog), and then don’t update it to the latest version!

    Next up I got the message: No tweets available..
    Then I used this topic to solve that problem:

    It’s a lot of work to make a simple plugin work and I think it’s a temporaty solution.

    There should be a real solution for this problem.

    I am experiencing the same thing. 10 or nothing. Just installed today.

    I did see in an older thread that it was due to Twitter caching the tweets…maybe there were 10 cached and if you want less there has to be a new request to twitter, that maybe takes an hour or two. Am trying this to see if it makes a difference.

    Hope someone can solve this…

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    The reason the plugin would be able to show the 10 and not a different amount would be because it has the call to Twitter for 10 cached. A different number of Tweets would use a different hash for the cache (the hash is made form the request URL to Twitter, which includes the number requested) which means it needs to pull from Twitter again. If it can’t, then it will have nothing to show but switching back to 10 will use the old data.

    The real question is “Why isn’t the request to Twitter working?” Please check in “Wp-Admin->Settings->Twitter Widget” and see what the API rate limit is at (this is set by Twitter, but the plugin will tell you what the limit is as well as the current usage). Additionally, test to see if you can schedule a post for the future and see if it publishes when it’s supposed to (the Twitter calls happen in the backend using the same basic process as scheduled posts).

    I left the setting at 5 tweets, and it has just now come thru with 5. It was totally blank before…the widget did not show at all in the sidebar. Then I refreshed and there are 5 tweets.

    In the settings, API info sez…
    Used: 150
    Remaining: 0
    Limits reset in: 39 minutes

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    abdalhamid: Twitter Widget Pro will use 20 requests per hour. It can use a few more if you change settings (changing from 10 to 5 will require an immediate refresh even if it hasn’t been 5 minutes since the last one). It looks like There must be other people on your server (or server cluster) using the Twitter API and it looks like your IP is burning through all it’s available requests in 20 minutes (maybe faster, I’ve seen overly-full IPs use their whole allotment in less than a minute, and IPs with sites that abuse the API can actually run out in less than a second). Once you’ve used all your requests, Twitter will simply refuse to reply to any more until the time limit has passed. This is going to make your Twitter Widget act very sporadically. Consider asking your host to move you to a server or cluster that has lower Twitter API usage.

    abdalhamid: Also, in the future please open a new support thread instead of hijacking someone elses. In this case I’ve clearly solved your issue, but it may not be the same issue that ikbenbritt is having, and it this support thread is theirs.

    yes…my apologies…am new to using these forums.

    Thanks for your help it is much appreciated

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    No problem! Everyone’s got to learn at some point 🙂

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