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    I am working on a site where wordpress is running inside standard HTML using iframe ( to display news, this is so the owner can update his web page whilst at competitions using his ipad.

    He know wants another page just to show the category “results”, is there anyway to start wordpress with a parameter just to selectively show this category.

    Or does anyone know of any other way round this?

    Any help would be appreciated as WordPress realy isn’t my forte.


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  • Sure, just use the URL in the iFrame:

    If you can load the URL normally in a browser, you can iFrame it (as long as it is your site or have full permission to do so)

    Sorry, I obviously didn’t frame my question very well, at the moment I have a standard HTML website, on the index.shtml page I have an iframe to run wordpress (src=”/wordpress/index.php”) I now need a second HTML page to run wordpress which will access the same wordpress database but only pulling out postings which have a category “Results”.

    Can I just attach a parameter to the I-frame which only pulls out the posts which have been flagged with the category “Reports”

    OK “Seacoast” I have done some playing around with the code and see your point regarding the URL “”, this works perfectly when it is typed directly in to the browser but when I put in into the src of an I-frame I get the message “Page Not Found”?

    Looks like its going to be a long night.

    Many thanks for the help “Seacoast”


    You worded it fine the first time and my response is the same…simply use


    That is all. That URL pulls the posts from the category ‘results’.

    I think I need to get my eyes fixed, after going through this again I notice that I had left a “\” at the front of my src, after removing this it now works of a fashion, all I need to do now is hide the title as it comes up with the title from the main database, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem though as I can hide this using the z-index underneath the new title put out from the parent program.

    Many Thanks Seacoast


    Have you considered using PHP instead of an HTML/iframe solution? Then you can include WordPress in the site properly:

    Iframes are not very SEO friendly as the search engines will not read the content as if it is part of your HTML page.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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