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  • Is this possible? All I want to do is have a “blog” category which would consist of my current blog posts, and have some sort of “old blog” category (really, this would be an archive, but that’d be misleading since WP archives don’t seem to be real archives) which would consist of old posts I made back on an old website before blogs existed.

    I set up the 2 categories, and posted some stuff in each, but they BOTH show up on my main page… I only want the blog category to show up there… ever. I want the Old Blog page to only show up when you click on the Old Blog category link.

    P.S. I’m totally new to WP, I know absolutely nothing about php, css, or codeing anthing except simple HTML. Any answers to this question dealing with editing code would need to please include extremely detailed step by step instructions.

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  • Try out Denis’ Opt in plugin

    The opt-in front page plugin lets you add posts to your front page on an opt-in basis, rather than remove them on an opt-out basis: Only posts within the category with a slug of ‘blog’ will be displayed on your front page.

    Thank goodeness. That definately worked, but now all my old blog pages are slightlu messed up. Nothing serious, I should probably just take out the HTML editing in some of them. Seems like the whole archive page for old blog is in bold for some reason. But I think that’s something I should be able to fix on my own.

    Thanks for the help.

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