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  • Hello, I am having problems with the service.
    apparently your premium plugin does the same as the free plugin (ONLY SCANS AND IDENTIFIES THE MALWARE BUT DOES NOT REMOVE IT) … I need to remove a malware from my website and I can not get it.

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    Thanks for your thoughts about Wordfence.

    No, the plugin does not automatically remove the malware. Why? Because there is always a possibility, no mater how small, of a false positive. If there are any changes to files on your site, you or your developer are in a much better position to know if they were intentionally made or not.

    However, what you didn’t see is that the scan result does offer you the option to repair the file (if there are changes from the original version of the file) or delete the file (if it is a file that was added to the site). With one or two clicks, the malware is removed. That isn’t an excessive amount of clicks for you to make just to be sure that the file you are removing is in fact malicious. This is to protect you, the site owner, from making a mistake that could result in downtime from you to needing to restore the site from a backup.

    The only file I know of right offhand that you will not be able to repair or delete if something malicious is found in it is the wp-config.php file. That is because it is the main configuration file for WordPress. If you delete it, the site won’t load anymore. And since it can also contain WordPress constants you have added and directives other plugins have added there is no way for Wordfence to know what to restore it to. You have to manually edit it to remove the malware but even so I believe we identify the bad code inside it.

    If you have malware on the site this guide might be helpful for you:
    The Malware Removal section of our online learning center could be of assistance as well:

    As you said you are a premium subscriber, reaching out for support by going to and clicking the yellow Premium Support button will help you get faster answers to your questions.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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