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    Hellow EnigmaWeb

    Thanks for a cool plugin!

    I bought the pro-version of your plugin and installed successfully. I’ve tried adding 2 playlists, only for testing, but somehow even though i’ve removed the lite version and all that I still only get the sample. I’ve posted the new playlist links on the page that I want them on, but no luck.

    Tried out putting the lines in the .htaccess file, no change.
    Tested that the links for ogg and mp3 are valid, no change.

    I’m using WP Easy Gallery by HahnCreativeGroup for my gallery, and it is using jQuery as well. It’s not on the same page, and I dont think my theme uses jQuery (not sure though).

    Any clues on this?

    – SortStof

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  • And here is the page that i’ve tried adding it to:

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Definitely sounds like a jQuery conflict… I can check it for you – please can you post a link to the page where the player is embedded? (the link above is not working)


    I am having the same problem – seeing ‘sample’

    Here’s the page with the player

    and the URL for the MP3

    using WP 3.5 + ‘Grammy’ Theme w/JQuery 1.8.3

    Player is the Pro version (paid).

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    Looks like you didn’t add the player to that page…

    …and since you only sent the URL for mp3 I’m wondering if you’re perhaps not using the ogg too? Remember both mp3 and ogg fielpaths are required fields…

    But yeah sorry really need to see the player embedded to have any chance of helping you

    Thanks for the quick response. The designer removed the shortcode. Sorry about that. Tight deadlines. Yes. I did provide an ogg file. The theme seems to have its own issues with JQuery.

    Anyway, I put the player back in with a conditional query string.

    The Enigma player shows up at the bottom of the page and the designer won’t know it’s there.

    here are the audio files.

    tia for your help

    PS: I am not sure if I am calling the shortcode handler correctly. I need to call it directly in order to have it in the sidebar. So I am passing it a null array. The entry point is not documented well enough to know if I need to do more. The only param seems to be a playlist, which I don’t know if I need to care about since I only need to play one song.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Yeah definitely the problem is something to with not calling the shortcode correctly. Because in view source I can see it is just calling the sample tracks rather than trying to grab your music files. In other cases where problems with sample track is reported I’ve found the code says the right music files but is snapping back to playing the sample tracks incorrectly on the front-end.

    Also do note that this plugin is not really widget ready…. so that could be a complication of using it in a sidebar. I am working on a new major release with much fuller support for widget usage.

    Also I can see you’ve got a second audio plugin running…. this often causes breakage of the player so try removing that and see how you go.

    I tried using the shortcode first – correctly in the page content and got the same result. The other player was added later as a workaround.

    The site is now ‘in production’. I have paid for the Pro version, so I expect I’ll get notified about the major release. And I’ll let you know when I get a chance to put the shortcode back on a test page.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Ok sure no worries – will keep an eye out for the thread if you need further assistance just post back here.

    In the meantime I’m sure you can understand it’s impossible for me to identify any error if there are other issues going on like another player in use, using in widget, and custom implementation with your own scripts. It’s highly likely that this is something isolated to your site, because there are many thousands of users of this plugin using it with no problems and the only other user to report this error (above) has not posted a working link so can’t verify or check it. Really to have any chance of fixing something like this we need to isolate the error – the first step being to rule out other conflicts like the ones mentioned above.

    Anyway good luck with it, and post back here if you need further help. Thanks

    Hi, I’m having the same problem as zerojack. I’ve added two tracks and the only thing I get is the sample player. I don’t think it could be jQuery issue, I turned off other plugins and it didn’t work. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Please send a link to your page so I can see it

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Disable the other audio player/s that you have active and try again… I think you have haiku player enabled which is interfering with this plugin.

    Also I would recommend you remove the spaces from your mp3 and ogg file names…

    I just bought your plugin, and have the same problem, just the sample file shows up.

    this is the site:

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