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    Hi. So I added this plugin as I was building this site a couple weeks ago. After fooling around with the settings I got it so that the individual posts have the like/dislike option, but the pages do not. -So the posts have like/dislike, and the thumbnail recent posts lists on my pages have the like/dislike associated with the posts showing. But the pages themselves don’t have an overall like/dislike – which is what I want.

    But I have one page where this isn’t working properly. It’s supposed to feature a specific type of post, and those posts have the like/dislike activated. But for some reason I can only see the like/dislike when I click on the posts and go directly to them, and not on the page that lists the posts with thumbnails and meta, etc. When I try changing the settings, I can get like/dislike to appear for the overall page, but not for the individual posts. I’ve gone through all my settings, but as it was sort of a trial and error to get the other posts to do this in the first place, I think I may be missing something.

    Any suggestions?

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    With the default settings, the plugin functionalities will be applied to all posts and pages unless you disable this for some of them. So we would like to have some input from you for the questions below.

    – Can you please say what is the meaning of “specific type of post”? Is this a custom post type or just a simple post?

    – Also the post where it’s not working, is it showing content or excerpt? If it’s excerpt, then it will not work as this plugin works with post content.

    – Can you please share your site url and the specific post where this is not working for you?


    I used the theme’s shortcodes to make sure that specific pages only show posts that have certain tags.

    So I have one page that only shows “featured stories,” another page that’s only “new births” and another that’s only “service awards.”

    The pages with featured stories and new births have the like/dislike disabled on the page, which appears to keep it from getting an overall like/dislike option for the page, but the posts still have the like/dislike option beneath, in the posts and on the pages where the posts are listed with thumbnails.

    For some reason this is not working with the service awards. The service award posts are showing the like/dislike on the posts themselves, but when you look at the page where they are listed, they don’t seem to want to show up.

    All the posts have content, and where ever each page lists the posts, there is meta data, but I don’t think any of them have an excerpt. I’ll double check the shortcodes though, because I’m not sure if I specified an excerpt or not.

    -Wish I could share the site url, but you can only access it from within the company where I work.

    I’m using the avada theme from themeforest if that helps.

    Okay – I sort of figured it out.
    The excerpt is an issue – but for some reason, even if I include excerpts of 35 words for the baby posts, none of the excerpt shows except for the like/dislike. But when I do this with service awards, the excerpt actually shows… which is odd, but doable I guess.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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