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  • ok this is odd. i made a comment on my blog, then i tried making another comment to another post and i get that error, “Sorry, you can only post a new comment once every 15 seconds. Slow down cowboy.” why am i getting this when i am the admin of the blog? i didnt change their preferences anywhere.

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  • wp feature to keep people from spamming? I have seen it on this site as well as my own to.. though I tried again a minute later and it was ok

    It’s a hard coded flood protection. Version 2.1 will allow plugins to change that value, or even disable it for admins.

    But for now, just wait 15 seconds before posting another comment. 😉

    no no….. i know what its for….. but even after 15 seconds i still cant post. i searched and found one topic about some “future” commenting but that didnt seem to work, unless i missed something.

    but even after 15 seconds i still cant post

    Are you sure? I’ve never had nor heard of that problem before.

    oh im very sure lol i really dont know whats going on or what to do 🙁

    Can we have a link to your blog (or even a test post / page) so that we can test?

    I had no problems posting. I did run into the limit if I didn’t wait long enough, but besides that, I was fine.

    Are you still unable to post any comments?

    And you can go ahead and delete my comments on the testosterone post. 😉

    ok thats really messed up because even when i log out and try posting a comment i cant, even if im posting a comment for the first time in hours. it must be some ip block im assuming then ??????

    lol nice comments btw 😀

    ok it has to be something messed up with me. i clear my cookies cleared my cache and still ERROR ERROR. i asked someone else to try and it works fine for her. this is really annoying 🙁

    btw im keeping your comment 😀

    It checks the database for the latest comment from your IP or e-mail address and then compares the timestamp to the current time.

    Did you manually edit the time of your last comment to the future or something? That’d cause the flood protection to kick in since the future is obviously not more than 15 seconds ago. 😉

    i noticed one post about “future” comments done by wordpress and i did notice the timestamp was a later date. so i changed it but i was still getting the “15 seconds” error. but now i went into my database (never woulda thought of going there) and the date was still in the future, i changed it and now everything is back to normal. much thanks man. 😀

    im just wondering now, how come wordpress edits the timestamp like that? and how come after editing the timestamp it still didnt fix it until i went into mysql?

    WordPress should never do anything like that on it’s own. You either did it accidentally or a bug happened somewhere with MySQL.

    Ok, so I’m having the same problem Blazin is having. On top of that, some other visitors to my blog have reported that they simply can’t comment–their computer simply thinks and thinks and never posts. This is on both home and school computers. I have tried disabling AJAX commenting, but that didn’t fix the problem for my visitors (though it did solve the “slow down cowboy” problem I was experiencing). I have checked the timestamps on my posts and see nothing that should triger that error.

    my URL is

    I would certainly appreciate any help you can give…

    I also have the same problem. Deleting the last post I made seems to work.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)
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