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    I moved my site to a new host a few months ago. At that point it had five subdomain sites, all working fine.

    Those subdomain sites still all work fine, but the new subdomain site I created today gives a 500 Internal Server Error when I try to access wp-admin pages.

    The new subdomain site does show up — it’s only the admin pages I can’t get to. I’m guessing there’s some step in the blog-creation process that has failed — can anyone give me a hint? One thing I know is different is the permissions for writing files are stricter. I can’t use the WP back-end editors, so maybe there is some file where some information should have been written during the new blog creation which failed silently?

    Tips much appreciated. Site is and the failing blog is

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  • Turns out the new host is a red herring.

    My goal was to move my shopping processes from the main site to a subdomain site so I could keep the fairly piggish wp e-commerce plugin contained. (Also is nicer than

    Turns out that plugin is the problem. I’ve disabled it and will start poking around through their forums.

    FWIW, I had trouble figuring out how to disable only the plugins on that blog (not network wide) when I couldn’t get to the admin screens. Turns out you can do it by going to the options table for that blog in the database and looking for the option name “active_plugins”. It appears to only list the plug-ins that are site-activated (not network activated) which in my case was just that one so I simply wiped it out.

    You can also rename the plugins folder via FTP to do that 🙂

    Don’t the plugins for the entire network installation live in one folder? In other words, wouldn’t that have crippled the properly functioning main site (and potentially other sites if the plugin was in wider use.)

    Yeah, but when a plugin is behaving badly like that, the odds are it’s killing ALL your sites.

    I noted above that my existing sites were all functioning, and even the busted site didn’t have a customer-facing problem.

    Keeping it that way while I figured out why the admin area had gone blank seemed worth a bit of effort, and sharing what I learned (since it doesn’t seem widely noted) seemed friendly and polite.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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