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  • Hello,

    This plugin is great and exactly what we need but it seems to use the Dropbox API1 (which is deprecated). So when we go inside a folder and click on a file, the file is not downloaded but the entire structure is downloaded as a zip file.

    Would you have any idea to fix this, update to Dropbox API2 compatibility?

    Thanks a lot

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  • We use BE on our site and it works just fine today. 3.25.21
    I just now tested it and still get ONLY the file I CLICK on.

    Perhaps something on your site is not up to date?

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    I tried on a fresh installation WP 5.7, PHP 7.4, no other plugins than Blighty, theme Twenty Twenty and still get redirected to a .zip file.

    Would you have a demo website to compare and try to understand?

    Thank you

    This is as much as I can tell you..

    We use WP 5.7 and latest PHP on Siteground
    we also use plugin:  Easy Media Download Version 1.1.5 | By naa986 
    (Easily embed download buttons for your digital media files)
    I am not too sure if BE actually uses it though, OR if BE just uses WP builtin facility for download.
    Review your settings in BE to be sure you have it setup properly.
    I did need to fiddle with it to get it to work for us.
    you can see ours at
    it's a list of Garmin GPX files for our motorcycle club to ride.
    Click on any one file and you'll only get that one downloaded to your computer.
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    Thanks for your feedback. I just tested this again and, like @rjpivonka, it’s working normally for me too. A few others have reported this over the years, and I’ve never been able to get to the bottom of why it works for most, but not for others.

    Would you mind answering a few questions?

    1. What type of Dropbox account do you have (e.g. Personal / Business)?
    2. What file extension are you getting this problem with?
    3. Are there any non-alphanumeric characters in either the folder names or filenames?


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    Thank you both for the answers. I will have a look to the link rjpivonka gave me because I see it working fine there.

    1. This is a “Plus” Dropbox account (not business but paid account)
    2. we use .pdf and .docx
    3. No we paid attention not to add special characters nor spaces. We tried with “test-dropbox.pdf” for example

    I believe BE is picking up the full directory instead of one level lower which would be the specific file the user intends to be downloaded. It comes as a .zip file because of the larger amount of data (the downloader will send it to user as .zip if there is more than some cetain aount of data).
    Check you SETTINGS page in BE.
    In ACCESS CONTROL we have nothing checked
    in UPLOAD OPTIONS we have:

    Upload Options
    Max upload (as defined in php.ini): 256 MB
    File uploads via this plugin will be stored in the folder _bex_uploads under the Root folder. This will not be displayed via the plugin.
    If you want to allow uploads into the folder that the user has navigated to, then check the Allow Uploads in Active Folder option below.
    Allow uploads in Active Folder:  BOX CHECKED Default is the _bex_uploads folder.)
    Allow uploads to Dropbox when the WordPress user is not logged in: BOX NOT checked
    Email admin on upload:  BOX Checked.
    Filename extensions to allow: gpx,gbd,kml,kmz
    Filename extensions to exclude: (left blank)
    (Note: If both 'allow' and 'exclude' are provided, the 'allow' options take priority.)

    `Display Options
    By default, folders and files are shared from your Dropbox Folder/Apps/Blighty Explorer. If you want to share a subfolder under Apps/Blighty Explorer, set it here as the root folder. This allows you to share different subfolders on different WordPress installations.

    Root folder: DOT / (i e filled circle)

    Use “Home” as the root label or the root’s folder name: DOT Home

    Show modification date: CHECKED Show size: CHECKED Show file extensions: CHECKED

    Modification date format (if shown): 29 Mar 2021 10:00

    Default filename sort: BOX CHECKED Ascending – Use natural sort order: NOT checked
    Sort folders to top of list: Yes Checked

    Download Files: CHECKED Files can either be shown in the browser (default) or selected to download.
    Open Files in new Tab/Window: CHECKED Force a new tab/window to opened when a file is selected.

    Select stylesheet: CHECKED Default

    I hope this helps you

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