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  • Hello, I tried to activate “Article” on my site. And in “Structured Data Testing Tool” i found out there were terms added to “Custom Search Result Filters”. But nothing more.

    I took a look at the code and I saw only opengraph terms. No JSON data.

    Why there is no JSON-LD data?

    Problem 2:
    I see there are two checkboxes. One to activate it, and one for output posts. Why only on posts and not on pages? What if I want also to add the markup to pages?

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  • Right now it appears to only support posts. Also, it’s not documented but your posts have to have a featured image, as the Article schema requires an image object. If your post doesn’t have an image, there will be no Article json data outputted.

    Hi, the posts do have a featured image, but no JSON data outputted.

    All I know is it works if you enable it and click posts and are using the default WordPress posts with a featured image.



    Are you using https on your site?

    Yes I am, https.



    Try the new update, I contributed some SSL fixes for older servers that caused some issues getting the image dimensions.

    Hi, I can see now the markup seems to be good (tried only article so far).
    But there is no JSON:

    <!– Markup (JSON-LD) structured in START –>
    <!– Markup (JSON-LD) structured in END –>

    All the markup was added in the html. Is that correct? Please check here.

    I think I got it….

    Question 1)
    It looks like that JSON-LD data appears only if I do not edit the rich snippets on the article itself. Can you please confirm it?

    Question 2)
    If I enable JSON-LD for articles to ALL post types. But some posts are about a product/service, can I change those posts to products on the post itself?

    Is it the way the plugin is supposed to work?



    1) which rich snippets? I don’t believe this plugin has that capability
    2) I don’t believe so.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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