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  • sweetchillimedia



    I have previously created a gallery page with 30 images. Everything was fine until I add new images from the media library. When I added two new images to the gallery making 32 images only the two newly added images show. The original 30 have vanished from the front end, although they still show when viewing the page in the dashboard.

    If I go back in to the gallery and remove the two newly added images from the gallery and update, the original 30 images are visible again.

    Is it possible to update galleries to add new images, or do I need to create whole galleries each time I want to update?

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  • paulwpxp


    Are those 32 images uploaded directly to become attachment of that post/page ?

    Do you use any gallery plugin ?

    When switching the editor to Text Mode (not Visual Mode), what gallery code do you see?




    They are all uploaded to the media library and are showing as “unattached”.

    There are no additional gallery plugins installed.

    Text mode displays…..

    [gallery link="file" ids="375,326,359,377,365,358,341,354,343,360,434,325,361,350,344,345,351,353,327,356,329,433,330,324,438,436,372,362,332,435"]

    When I add in the two new images, their ids is also in the list, but the website only shows the two newest ids.



    Could you temporary switch to Twentytwelve theme and see if it works ?



    I couldn’t reproduce this in my local dev.

    So this is not theme issue, and not WP gallery issue.

    I would try deactivate all plugins and see what happens.

    Thanks for the responses.

    I tried again this morning and it is all working as intended.

    Could it have been a caching issue?

    If it had been a caching issue, it wouldn’t display only the 2 extra recently added and ignored the previous 30.

    Depends on the file size of images, I *guess* it could be server issue. It might not be able to load them all within server limit (for your hosting account) at the time.

    I have noticed this too. I initially thought maybe it was organizing them by date and only showing images from the same date. Weird bug. Unresolved.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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